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We have adopted a strategy of equipping all the local schools with enough litter-picking gear to set up their own Junior Clean Teams. This proved to be really worthwhile. We have now signed up (and fully equipped) five out of the six Primary Schools. We also enrolled both the Senior schools, and they are being provided with gear to enable them to set up their very own Clean Teams.

All this is part of our strategy to try and eliminate litter at source, rather than just picking it up “after the event”. Of course, it’s most certainly not just youngsters that drop litter, but we thought that if we catch them young..........

Litter and adding to plastic pollution is a problem for ALL generations, and we will be trying throughout 2020 to press home our message of:


We’d also like to add REFUSE to the list, implying that we all exercise discretion in buying loose products rather than packaged (e.g. fruit and vegetables, bulk dispensation of cleaning products in re-usable containers etc.). If that’s not possible, try to buy products with the least amount of packaging.

The dates of all our collective monthly litter picks for the year are listed in the “Future Activities” page of this website, and we’d be delighted to see you there. However, members pick litter throughout the year as and when it’s convenient. Many members take part in our “ADOPT AN AREA” scheme, and pick up litter on their home (or adopted) patch.

Happy litter-picking and anti-plastic campaigning.

The picture below shows a recent litter pick to which Sandbach Town Councillors were invited.


Sandbach Clean Team is an organisation set up by local people for local people to allow them to accept and take responsibility for the cleanliness of their local area.

In July 2015 the team won the national Community Award from the Chartered Institute of Waste Management, praising in particular our focus on involving wide sections of the community including youth groups.

Our aims are to:

  • Make Sandbach and the adjacent Parishes as litter free as possible
  • Encourage people to take responsibility for their environment
  • Inform the local residents of the work of Sandbach Clean Team
  • Support the setting up of other Local Clean Teams
  • Work with young people to develop their awareness of litter and its problems
  • Develop links to other Clean Teams and environmental projects
  • Liaise closely with local government and other agencies

If you have any questions click here for possible answers.



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The picture, taken at the December 2018 litter pick, shows some of the regular volunteers with some members of the Sandbach Youth Groups who combined with us to clear the town’s litter from a base at the Fire Station.

2018 Youth Groups

Recently, members of Sandbach Clean Team organized a special litter pick at Junction 17 of the M6. Working from behind the barriers, volunteers picked up the all the litter, cartons, bottles and cans thrown by drivers as they queue on the slip roads to leave the motorway. In just two hours, the team of four Clean Team members (Claire Howarth, Keith Matthews, Keith and Jenny Haines), aided by public-spirited volunteer helper Phil Tipton, filled twenty one large sacks of litter, which they arranged to be picked up by the Cheshire East waste team. Clean Team chairman and organizer Cllr. Keith Haines was delighted with the result, and commented that the motorway exits were an important gateway to Sandbach, so it was particularly important to tackle the grot spots of the slip roads.

April 2016 Junction 17