On this page you will find answers to questions that new members of Sandbach Clean Team are likely to ask.

How do I join Sandbach Clean Team and what do I get as a member?
Either fill in the form on this website or email Sandbach Partnership at admin@sandbach-cleanteam.co.uk giving your full name and address. It’s as simple as that! They will fill out a membership form and record your contact details. You will then be issued with a hi-viz vest, gloves and a litter-picker at the next Saturday morning litter pick, where you will be asked to sign your membership form. Alternatively, the form and equipment can be delivered to your home if you prefer. If you are not on email, we will contact you personally to arrange things. We email monthly reminders of each pick and issue a Newsletter each quarter giving forthcoming dates, events, our contact details and news snippets.

How much does membership cost?
Membership is free. The cost of your insurance and equipment is covered by our funding (provided that you have signed the official membership form).

Are there any limitations on joining Sandbach Clean Team?
There are no limitations on membership, but minors must have written permission from, and be accompanied by, a parent or guardian. All members must sign the membership form and agree to abide by the policies of the Clean Team (available on the website).

Are litter pickers covered by Clean Team insurance?
Yes, Clean Team members are covered for public liability.

When and where do I litter pick?
We hold a monthly organised litter pick on Saturday mornings (except in August), from 10:00am until noon, starting from the Council lock-up storage facility on Sandbach Common (near Pisces fish and chip shop). This is manned by a small team of volunteers, and the date is usually the first Saturday in the month. Alternatively (or as well), you can litter pick an area nominated by you (your “own” area) anytime you like.

What are the key Clean Team contact names, responsibilities and contact details?
Initial Contact:
Sandbach Partnership admin@sandbach-cleanteam.co.uk
Details of the committee are included on the website.

Where do I put the rubbish I have picked up?
We usually ask that full rubbish sacks are taken to the Council lock-up on the Common for later collection by Cheshire East. If this is not possible or convenient, either put it in public rubbish skips or your own bin(s), or contact the team for it to be collected from an agreed point.

Where does the Clean Team get its funding from?
We apply each year for financial support from Sandbach Town Council, get  some materials from Cheshire East Council, and seek sponsorship from local firms and appeals (such as the Waitrose Green Token scheme).

Can I recycle any rubbish that I pick up?
You are strongly encouraged to recycle anything that can be. If returning to the Commons lock-up, put recyclable rubbish into a separate sack if possible. Alternatively, put recyclables into the public recycling skips.

I litter-pick my own area – what do I do if I find fly-tipping that is too much for me to move?
Contact the Cheshire East team on streetscape@ansa.co.uk

Are there any restrictions on what I pick up?
We typically do not pick up (bagged) dog faeces, cigarette stubbs or sharps, but will tackle these with appropriate equipment (e.g. brush and shovel, which most businesses are happy to lend).

What interaction does the Clean Team have with schools and youth groups?
We give talks to schools and other interested groups as requested, and organise an annual litter pick inviting the “uniformed” groups (such as scouts, cadets etc.) to join us. We are helped in this by the local Police Community Support officer(s). If you can contribute to this valuable outreach work, please contact us.

 Is there anything else I can do to help?
We are always looking for members to take an active role in our activities, including manning the base camp on the Commons on Saturday mornings and helping in areas such as working with young people, publicising the team etc. Simply contact us on admin@sandbach-cleanteam.co.uk  if you have any suggestions, want to assist us in any way or feel you could help us – the team can always use extra pairs of hands!


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